NEW Value-Added Selling (4th Edition)

The global, go-to guide that started the Value Selling Revolution―now updated for today’s market “Value” is about more than just price. Good salespeople understand that and know what differentiates their products from that of [...]


The Humility Paradox

From selfless to selfies … We have gone from the "we" generation to the "me" generation to the "me-me" generation. Narcissism is at an all-time high; empathy is at an all-time low. Pop culture [...]


Value-Added Selling

Two-thirds of sales managers believe that selling value is the most perplexing problem facing salespeople. This is the book that literally started the value selling revolution. This 25th-anniversary edition (2010, McGraw-Hill) drills down on [...]


Crush Price Objections

Price objections are the salesperson’s number-one challenge. Salespeople want to stand firm on their pricing but fear losing a sale to price.Tom Reilly wrote Crush Price Objections to help readers defend their prices and protect [...]


Coaching for Sales Success

Coaching is the field sales manager's number-one job, yet many sales managers treat it as a lower priority task. Coaching for Sales Success provides sales managers with a model for building the value-added sales [...]