Coaching is the field sales manager’s number-one job, yet many sales managers treat it as a lower priority task.

Coaching for Sales Success provides sales managers with a model for building the value-added sales culture. As they read this book, readers learn to think, plan, and execute strategically. This book begins with a culture-building exercise to help sales managers develop a core focus from which their culture evolves. Each chapter builds on the previous chapter, as it helps sales managers construct a value-added sales management infrastructure around this core focus. This includes the six key dynamics of sales management: selection, sales objectives, compensation, training and development, motivation, and coaching. By the time sales managers complete reading this book, they will have completed a strategic planning exercise to guide their sales organizations to success. The last section in this book offers sixteen follow-up training exercises to help sales managers prepare their salespeople for the rigors of Value-Added Selling.

Paperback: 179 pages

Publisher: Motivation Press (2004)

Language: English

ISBN: 0-944448-27-5

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