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Reduced Visibility. Slow Down!

By Paul Reilly Monday, January 4 was the first official business day of 2021. As I commuted to work that morning, there was a dense fog blanketing the St. Louis area. I chuckled, wondering if [...]

Stop Holding Yourself Back!

By Paul Reilly When elephants are born in captivity, it is common to restrain the animal using a rope attached to a small stake driven into the ground. The newly born calf does not yet [...]

Would You Welcome Tough Times?

By Paul Reilly Before answering, consider this story. In 1907, Bill Klan was working for a Detroit ice company. Hard work and low pay, but he was happy to have a job. However, Bill was [...]

Stop Discounting in Tough Times

By Paul Reilly “The manager has just one business. His equation tells him that if he prices a little too low, it’s not that serious. But if he prices too high, he sees himself screwing [...]

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