Two-thirds of sales managers believe that selling value is the most perplexing problem facing salespeople.

This is the book that literally started the value selling revolution. This 25th-anniversary edition (2010, McGraw-Hill) drills down on the proven strategies and tactics that have helped salespeople create value and sell profitably since 1985. Additionally, Tom has integrated into this new edition the findings from his best sales-practices research into top-achieving salespeople. Tom demonstrates how the top 10% of salespeople use the principles of Value-Added Selling to achieve their success.

The book is in four parts, each focusing on a different aspect of Value-Added Selling. Part I introduces readers to the value-added philosophy and the mind of the buyer. Part II explains the eleven Value-Added Selling strategies. Part III is the tactical side of Value-Added Selling. Part IV is a bonus section that focuses on high-level decision makers and Red-Zone Green-Zone, a new time management paradigm that employs the value-added philosophy.

Hardcover: 278 pages

Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 3rd edition (2010)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0071664874 ISBN-13: 978-0071664875

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