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Value-Added Selling

Value-Added Selling is a content-rich message of hope: You can compete aggressively and outsell the competition while maintaining your profitability. The theme of this customer-oriented philosophy is Add value, not cost; sell value, not price. Value-added salespeople are more focused on making a difference than just making a deal. They know that a cheap price is not the only way to compete—they compete with their total value-added solution.

Value-Added Selling is more than a book or seminar; it is a philosophy. This sets Value-Added Selling apart from other books and training. Value-Added Selling is built on a simple, yet powerful, value-added philosophy: Do more of that which adds value and less of that which adds little or no value. Value-Added Selling teaches salespeople how to think about selling. Their conceptual grasp of the selling process coupled with their strategic insight and tactical expertise give them a competitive edge over salespeople who simply go through the motions.


Value-Added Selling helps salespeople reach their full potential by increasing their knowledge, skill, and sales proficiency. Salespeople learn to…

  • Focus strategically by identifying high-value target accounts, fully penetrating these accounts, and thoroughly understanding the buyer’s needs.
  • Persuade buyers with positioning, differentiating, and presenting compelling reasons for why the buyer should choose the salesperson’s total value.
  • Support customers by making it painless for them to buy, and by building personal and professional relationships with buyers.
  • Sell deeper after the initial sale by seeking ways to re-create value, getting credit for their value-added, and fully leveraging existing customer relationships.
  • Plan and execute tactically the Value-Added Selling philosophy.

Value-Added Selling Overview

The Value-Added Selling Philosophy

This opening module introduces salespeople to Value-Added Selling and encourages them to embrace this sales philosophy.

  • The Value-Added Organization—how companies compete with value-added
  • Introduction to the Value-Added philosophy
  • Introduction to Value-Added Selling
  • What buyers really want from sellers—it’s not just a cheap price
  • Customer messaging—how to identify and communicate your total value

The Value-Added Sales Process®

This module is a conceptual and strategic overview of the Value-Added Selling Process®. In this module, salespeople learn about the eleven things they must do to sell their value-added solution.

  • Critical Buying Path®
    • Identifying the steps customers go through to procure total value and leverage the solution
    • Understanding value from the customer’s point of view
  • Value-added offensive selling strategies (how to identify and acquire new business)
    • Target Selection (identifying viable sales opportunities)
    • Target Penetration (selling at different levels in an organization)
    • Customer-izing (getting inside the customer’s head)
    • Positioning (maximizing your image)
    • Differentiation (selling against the competition)
    • Presenting (why buy your solution)
  • Value-added defensive selling strategies (how to retain and grow existing business)
    • Serving (logistics support)
    • Relationship Building (building strong customer bonds)
    • Tinkering (continuous improvement and recreating value)
    • Reinforcement (getting credit for your value-added)
    • Leveraging (extracting maximum value from your accounts)

Value-Added Selling Tactical Overview

Pre-call planning

  • Six call preparation questions salespeople must ask before every call
  • The Call Planning Guide®

The Value-Added Sales Call

  • Opening with impact
    • Establishing rapport
    • Previewing your objectives
  • Probing for needs: The Needs Analysis
    • Mechanics of probing
    • Three critical probing areas of customer needs
  • Presenting your company’s solution
    • Presentation style—personal persuasion
    • Presentation substance—designing compelling messages
  • Closing strategies: Gaining Commitment Post-call activities
  • Analysis of the sales call
  • Follow-up action and strategies
  • Role Play (practice with feedback)

When you embrace this message, and apply these strategies and tactics you will experience the following benefits…

  • Sell more profitably
  • Compete on your total value, not just on price
  • Identify viable sales opportunities and penetrate these accounts
  • Get the credit you deserve and increase business with existing customers
  • Build your confidence and your competence
  • Identify and communicate your value-added more effectively
  • Increase your personal value to the customer and to the company
  • Nail shut your back door on existing customers
  • Develop more stable and stronger relationships with customers
  • Project a more professional and powerful image
  • Gain greater control of the sales process and navigate it smoothly

This training is available as an in-house seminar or through our public seminar offerings.