From selfless to selfies …

We have gone from the “we” generation to the “me” generation to the “me-me” generation. Narcissism is at an all-time high; empathy is at an all-time low. Pop culture idolizes the rich-and-famous as celebrities flaunt over-the-top antics. From financial institutions that are too big to fail to leaders who feel they are too powerful to fall, faith in our institutions is at a low ebb.

The Humility Paradox describes how individuals and organizations can use the power of this dynamic, simple, and paradoxical virtue. Humility helps individuals build stronger relationships, live authentically, find peace in the midst of life’s messiness, avoid the fall from grace, and grow. Humility helps organizations change, innovate, build stronger leaders, and provides a common philosophy for all departments. In this way, humility unites the organization. There is great power in a simple virtue that joins groups of people, united in selfless sacrifice and common purpose.

Paperback: 140 pages

Publisher: Motivation Press (2015)

Language: English

ISBN: 0944448348

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