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The Humility Paradox

From selfless to selfies … We have gone from the "we" generation to the "me" generation to the "me-me" generation. Narcissism is at an all-time high; empathy is at an all-time low. Pop culture [...]


Value-Added Selling

Two-thirds of sales managers believe that selling value is the most perplexing problem facing salespeople. This is the book that literally started the value selling revolution. This 25th-anniversary edition (2010, McGraw-Hill) drills down on [...]


Crush Price Objections

Price objections are the salesperson’s number-one challenge. Salespeople want to stand firm on their pricing but fear losing a sale to price.Tom Reilly wrote Crush Price Objections to help readers defend their prices and protect [...]


Coaching for Sales Success

Coaching is the field sales manager's number-one job, yet many sales managers treat it as a lower priority task. Coaching for Sales Success provides sales managers with a model for building the value-added sales [...]


Fill Your Pipeline

By Tom Reilly, author of Value-Added Selling What would you do if you were losing 10% of your blood? First things first, you would stop the bleeding. That’s always a good strategy. Next, seek a [...]