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Value-Added Selling Public Seminar

In a competitive market, differentiation is key. What sets you apart from your competitors? Why should customers buy from you? How can you get them to return to you, again and again? What if I told you that you can compete aggressively and outsell the competition while maintaining your profitability? It’s possible through Value-Added Selling, a customer-oriented philosophy focused on adding value, not cost; and selling value, not price.

In this two-day session, Paul Reilly will introduce you to Value-Added Selling and demonstrate how and why this is a viable go-to market strategy for your organization.

Value-Added Selling teaches you how to think about selling. Your conceptual grasp of the Value-Added Selling will give you a competitive edge over salespeople who simply go through the motions. Value-Added Selling teaches you to…

  • Think like customers;
  • Sell your total solution; and
  • Pursue new business while focusing on the retention and growth of existing business.

Value-Added Selling is a total-solutions approach that teaches salespeople to look beyond the core-commodity product. This unifying sales philosophy is for the entire sales force—veteran and rookie alike. Because Value-Added Selling is a primer for professional selling, new salespeople learn a business philosophy to launch their careers. For veteran salespeople, Value-Added Selling is a shot-in-the-arm refresher of what made them successful while learning new ways to sell their total value.

Fee: $1,150.00

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