We help salespeople compete more profitably by selling value, not price.

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Tom and Paul Reilly are literally the guys who wrote the book on Value-Added Selling.

Tom began his ground-breaking research in this area in 1981. That year, Tom founded his company—now Tom Reilly Training—dedicated to training salespeople and their managers in the principles of selling their total value. Paul Reilly joined the effort in 2013 and is lead trainer and president of Tom Reilly Training. Paul’s contributions have added generational context to this value-added message of hope.

Paul Reilly’s presence in the global training circuit, written contributions to numerous trade magazines and online publications, and co-authorship of Value-Added Selling 4th Edition (McGraw-Hill 2018), has solidified his place as an authority on Value-Added Selling.

Our motto is simple:
“Add value, not cost; sell value, not price!”

Value-Added Selling Book

New Value-Added Selling

(4th Edition)

The global, go-to guide that started the Value Selling Revolution – now updated for today’s market.

In these seminars, you will learn how to compete more profitably by selling on your total value, not price. We will provide valuable tools and insight to creating and implementing a value-added sales culture.

Upcoming Public Seminars:
Value-Added Selling
December 10 - 11, 2019

Does Attitude Really Matter?

By Paul ReillyConsider the following studies…Optimistic salespeople sell 37 percent more than pessimistic salespeople;A positive outlook can reduce your chance for heart attacks;Happiness leads to success, not the other way around; andOptimism can lead to [...]

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