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Persuasion Is All About Distance

By Tom Reilly Janus, the Roman god of entrances and exits and the namesake of our first month of the year, is often depicted as having two faces—one looking backward and the other looking forward. [...]

Value-Added Selling as a Movement

By Tom Reilly "Tom, what you're really talking about is starting a movement in our company." I heard this in a seminar I conducted in Ireland for a Danish company. The person suggesting this saw [...]

Future of Value-Added Selling

By Paul Reilly “What is past is prologue” This phrase was made famous in William Shakespeare’s, The Tempest. This message appears on our National Archives and in movies like Oliver Stone’s JFK. This metaphorical reference [...]

History of Value-Added Selling

By Tom Reilly While talking to my publisher at McGraw-Hill about Value-Added Selling, he said, "Tom, what we really like about Value-Added Selling is that it is an evergreen topic." This is a publisher's way [...]

5 Tips to Present More Confidently

By Paul Reilly Our research shows that only 36 percent of salespeople believe they offer buyers a compelling reason to choose their solution over the competition. Where’s the confidence? If you’re not convinced of your [...]

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