What Makes You Different?

By Paul Reilly Imagine you are in a room with two of your competitors. You’re selling the same exact product and all three companies look the same and offer similar value. Then the decision [...]


Habits Trump Talent!

By Paul Reilly Habits > Talent Habits > Motivation For thirty years, we have analyzed top achievers. It’s not just talent or motivation; habits set top achievers apart from the crowd. Top achievers make [...]


Your Price Is Too High!

By Paul Reilly Prospect: "It's an apples-to-apples comparison. Your price is too high!" Value-Added Salesperson: "Well, there are over 2500 varieties of apples. Which ones are you comparing?" Mic Drop Most price objections ARE [...]


Are You Leaving Impact on the Table?

By Paul ReillyEvery salesperson has left money on the table. Sellers do this in several ways: through discounts, making unnecessary concessions, or not charging a high enough price. Here’s the real problem…You’re not leaving money [...]


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