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Are You Carrying Your Share of the Load?

By Paul Reilly If you ask any St. Louisan, “What is St. Louis famous for?” you would receive a myriad of responses: St. Louis-style ribs, St. Louis-style pizza, world-class baseball, Anheuser-Busch, etc. However, the most [...]

The Fog Will Lift Soon

By Paul Reilly Torrey Pines is arguably one of the most beautiful courses in the world. It sits upon a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The views are breathtaking. This “hallowed” ground is a [...]

Are You an Explorer or Exploiter?

By Paul Reilly In uncertain times, are you better off exploring new opportunities or exploiting existing opportunities? Before answering this question, consider this analysis of nearly 2,500 fishing expeditions. In this two-year study, researchers Shay [...]

Have You Lost Control?

By Paul Reilly On a recent webinar I asked a group of salespeople, “How are you managing the current situation?” The general consensus…“I’ve lost my sense of control.” At some level, we can all relate [...]

A Better Way To Fix What Is Broken

By Paul Reilly A few years ago, we attended a family party at my wife’s grandfather’s house. My daughters were playing with their cousins, and one of them accidentally knocked over a small clay statue. [...]

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