Change the Conversation

By Paul Reilly“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” Don Draper, Mad MenAlthough Draper’s comments refer to managing public opinion, it equally applies to salespeople.Customer-focused sellers help decision makers achieve their desired [...]



By Paul Reilly“I wish my salespeople were more motivated. They just seem apathetic and complacent. How can we better motivate our sales team?”That’s what this passionate sales leader shared on a recent discovery call. He’s [...]


What Makes You Different?

By Paul Reilly Imagine you are in a room with two of your competitors. You’re selling the same exact product and all three companies look the same and offer similar value. Then the decision [...]


Habits Trump Talent!

By Paul Reilly Habits > Talent Habits > Motivation For thirty years, we have analyzed top achievers. It’s not just talent or motivation; habits set top achievers apart from the crowd. Top achievers make [...]


Your Price Is Too High!

By Paul Reilly Prospect: "It's an apples-to-apples comparison. Your price is too high!" Value-Added Salesperson: "Well, there are over 2500 varieties of apples. Which ones are you comparing?" Mic Drop Most price objections ARE [...]


Are You Leaving Impact on the Table?

By Paul ReillyEvery salesperson has left money on the table. Sellers do this in several ways: through discounts, making unnecessary concessions, or not charging a high enough price. Here’s the real problem…You’re not leaving money [...]


It’s Not About Price…83% of the Time

By Paul Reilly “It all comes down to price.” “Price is the only thing that sells.” “It’s different in our industry. Customers are more price-sensitive.” Does this sound familiar? Sellers often use these statements to [...]