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Are You Really Committed?

By Paul Reilly “I really believe that when 2020 gets here we’re gonna look back and this is gonna have been the best decade in Clemson football history. That’s what I believe.” Dabo Swinney – [...]


Setting SMARTER Goals

By Paul Reilly Imagine that you arrive at the airport for your flight to an important meeting with your number-one customer. The parking garage at the airport is full, so you must find an alternative [...]


Does Attitude Really Matter?

By Paul ReillyConsider the following studies…Optimistic salespeople sell 37 percent more than pessimistic salespeople;A positive outlook can reduce your chance for heart attacks;Happiness leads to success, not the other way around; andOptimism can lead to [...]


Stop Being A Spectator!

By Paul Reilly Growing up, we had many traditions. Sundays were steeped in tradition. There were three activities that let me know it was Sunday: morning church, family dinner, and my dad riding his Harley [...]


How to Prospect for New Customers

By Paul Reilly Imagine you stopped contributing to your retirement accounts. You think, “I have enough money. I’ll just sit back and watch it grow.” Your goal is to let compounded interest take over and [...]


What If Price Did Not Matter?

By Paul Reilly Imagine you’re competing for a piece of business. You’re in a conference room with your top two competitors. The prospect walks into the room and says, “Here is a list of [...]