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Are You Leaving Impact on the Table?

By Paul ReillyEvery salesperson has left money on the table. Sellers do this in several ways: through discounts, making unnecessary concessions, or not charging a high enough price. Here’s the real problem…You’re not leaving money [...]


It’s Not About Price…83% of the Time

By Paul Reilly “It all comes down to price.” “Price is the only thing that sells.” “It’s different in our industry. Customers are more price-sensitive.” Does this sound familiar? Sellers often use these statements to [...]


Don’t Let Customers “Walmart” You

By Paul Reilly Don’t let customers “Walmart” you. Walmart’s CEO recently made it clear: “We’re not going to pay high prices anymore.” Walmart is flexing its muscles and squeezing suppliers. Salespeople everywhere are experiencing [...]


The Fleeting Focus of Summer

By Paul Reilly “To be everywhere is to be nowhere.” — Seneca (Roman Philosopher, 65 AD) Seneca could’ve had the summer months in mind when he said this over 2000 years ago. Is it just [...]


3 Tips to Thwart Cheap Competitors

By Paul Reilly “Your competition offered a better price and we’re considering their proposal.” Does this sound familiar? Every seller has experienced this scenario. Oftentimes, sellers don’t know how to respond. Sellers think, “How could [...]



By Paul Reilly Walt Disney was a fanatical innovator. In the 1940’s, Walt created a term that became synonymous with improvement and enhancement—plussing. Walt was obsessed with plussing the customer experience. In Pat Williams’ book, [...]