Sell customers what they need, and give them the service they want.

Sales and Service professionals are in the people business. When you are in the people business, you need to understand people. Understanding these skills will make you aware of their importance. Developing these people skills builds the foundation for sales and service professionals. Therefore, we focus on these common people skills and techniques to improve them.

No one makes money until something is sold, but what happens after something is sold? Sales 101 will help with the initial order; Service 101 guarantees the second order. Sales and Service 101 is your playbook on how to gain and retain customers. That is why this training program is titled Sales and Service 101 versus Sales or Service 101.

Topics Covered In This Training

  • Social intelligence: empathy, relationship building, conflict resolution, and likability
  • Communication skills: verbal communication, non-verbal communication, and active listening
  • The importance of reading people and pacing our customers
  • Front line service techniques to deliver breakthrough customer service
  • Internal service techniques to deliver breakthrough customer service
  • Selecting and pursuing the right prospects
  • Social media to support the sales and prospecting process
  • The 4-Phase Dynamic Sales Process®
  • The 2-Dimensional Needs Analysis®
  • How to ask for the business
  • How to handle customer objections using the CAR® method
  • How to recognize and realize Breakthrough Sales Opportunities®

The 101 message focuses on business fundamentals, as sales and service are the fundamentals of business. Regardless of your industry, your product, or your service; every company sells a solution and serves a customer.

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