By Paul Reilly

In a recent seminar, a participant asked, “What is the one thing I can start doing tomorrow to be more successful in sales?” What a great question. In fact, this question is often asked in our seminars. I responded to the salesperson by saying, “Be a person of value.” The participant was confused and unimpressed at my response. He said, “I was looking for a tip or trick to close more sales.”

Too many salespeople have a tit-for-tat mentality. They only do something to get something. Instead, do something for a customer without expecting anything in return. Value-added salespeople focus on giving and not getting. Since they focus more on giving, paradoxically, they end up getting more than other salespeople.

Find a way to create unique and unexpected value for the customer. Try every day to create some value for the customer without expectation. For value-added salespeople, creating value is part of the reward. Although tips and tricks do help you close more sales, there needs to be an underlying philosophy to guide you. The Value-Added Selling message continues to thrive because it’s built upon a simple, yet powerful, philosophy; do more of that which adds value and less of that which adds little or no value.

Being a person of value requires a daily commitment to this philosophy. Start each day telling yourself, “Today, I will do more of those things that add value and less of those things that add little or no value.” In our seminars, we challenge salespeople to embrace this philosophy and try it for three weeks. Imagine the impact this philosophy could have on your career…on your life.

Every customer experience represents an opportunity to add value. As a person of value, you must proactively look for these opportunities. To be a person of value, you must subordinate your ego to help the customer achieve their success. For the value-added salesperson, creating value for the customer is a privilege.

For most organizations, Q4 represents the last lap of the year-long race. There is always a strong sense of urgency to close as much business as possible. This is an exciting quarter for salespeople. During the excitement of this quarter, remind yourself that the sale is about the customer. Every interaction is an opportunity to create value and serve the customer better. The best long-term strategy is to be a person of value.

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