By Paul Reilly

Dr. Seuss is one of the most inspirational writers of all time! Seuss has inspired people of all ages and all professions.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is by far my favorite Dr. Seuss book. It’s deeply inspirational and educational. With that being said, here’s my sales version of Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Oh, the Deals You’ll Close!

Today is your day. Now you’re in sales.
You’re on your way.
It’s all on you, here’s your chance.
Don’t worry don’t stew, you’ll soon learn the dance.

Success requires commitment to this meaningful work.
Just sitting around isn’t one of the perks.
Winning in sales requires strength and skill,
It’s 50% commitment, but 51% will.

It’s time to get up and get on your way.
Heed this advice and you’ll soon make the pay!
There are numerous prospects that seem ideal.
They have a good look and have a great feel.
Remember, though, to look them over with care.
There are some that deceive, and end up bare.
Focus your time on those who are open,
The more discerning you are, the less you’ll be hopin’.

There are countless deciders and they all have a voice,
But with all those peeps only one makes the choice.
The others are happy to give their opinion,
But when it’s time to sign, only one has dominion.

Buyers have hidden wants and a critical need.
Figure out both, and you’ll soon take the lead.
They might hide their thoughts and conceal their pain.
They’re just worried you’re using it for personal gain.
Reassure the customer that you care about them.
By focusing on the customer you’ll soon win the gem.

Buyers hear similar messages and think, “They’re all the same.”
Don’t copy everyone else, that’s just lame.
Create something unique and search for those niches.
De-commoditize your solution and you’ll find the riches.

When they ask for a discount, don’t make the concession.
Cutting your price is a value-added transgression.
It might be uncomfortable and not easily done,
But what’d you expect, selling ain’t always fun!

Whether you sell widgets, whatchamacallits, or award-winning shoes.
Your success depends on the attitude you choose.
Today is your day.
So get off your butt and make some hay!

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