By Paul Reilly

Consider the following studies…

With all this evidence, isn’t optimism worth a shot? What if you really could live longer, be healthier, and sell more? All you have to do is embrace optimism. Here are some tips to inspire optimism and positivity in your career (and life).

Find Humor in the Struggle

Humor relieves stress. Besides, it’s just fun to laugh. When is the last time you experienced tear-inducing, knee-slapping, asphyxiating laughter? Laugh with friends, laugh with family, laugh at yourself. Just find a way to laugh.

My friend’s home recently burned down. Obviously, this is not funny. Losing your home is nothing to joke about. However, they were able to salvage 10 percent of their belongings. These items were slightly damaged so they sent them to a restoration company. Tragically, the restoration company that was storing their goods also burned down. I asked my friend, “What did you do?” He said, “I laughed.”

Not every situation merits laughter, but when you can, laugh through the struggle.

Remember Previous Successes

Salespeople experience success and failure. Salespeople pine over failures. It’s human nature to focus more on what we lose versus what we gain; however, constantly replaying a failure is not mentally healthy. Learn from your loss, and forget it. If you’re having trouble getting your head right before a big meeting, think of a previous success. Rather than projecting your previous failure, project your success.

In a recent seminar, a salesperson said to me, “Value-Added Selling doesn’t work in my territory.” The salesperson explained his logic. I asked him to think of an example where he was able to sell his solution even though the competitor was cheaper. The salesperson was able to share a couple of examples, acknowledging that Value-Added Selling can work.

Remembering previous successes reshapes your attitude more positively.

Spread Positivity

Do something positive for another person. Everyone struggles from time to time. If you are having a tough day, do something positive for another person. Performing acts of kindness is intrinsically rewarding. It just feels good to help someone. Look for opportunities to lift up someone in need. By lifting others, you lift yourself. And who knows, maybe the next time you’re struggling, someone might help you.

Yes, attitude really matters. Positivity is free. It costs you nothing. There is an abundance of positivity within you. You can’t run out of it. So, why hold it in? Spread your positivity generously.

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