You can hold the line on your price

Price objections were the spark that ignited the Value-Added Selling revolution. Even though price objections remain the number one objection salespeople encounter on a daily basis, salespeople are woefully unprepared to deal with them. This results in price-sensitive customers out-negotiating salespeople.

You win price wars one price battle at a time. Crush Price Objections arms salespeople with the tactical knowledge they need to prevail in price negotiations—to persist when buyers resist. Crush Price Objections is an expanded topic from Value-Added Selling. The specific focus of this program is dealing with price-sensitive customers and protecting margins.

Topics Covered in This Training

Positive and negative attitudes salespeople hold about price
The latest research on price shoppers
Twelve things buyers want from suppliers
Why price objections are self-inflicted wounds
The consequences of being a price seller
How to gain a pre-emptive selling advantage with better questions
How to enlarge the conversation beyond price with compelling presentations
Nine rules for presenting price
How to make better pricing decisions
Forty-five response strategies for price objections
How to negotiate higher prices

Your Value Proposition

When you embrace the value-added philosophy and apply the strategies and tactics of Crush Price Objections, you will gain a pre-emptive selling advantage (to guide the conversation down a path value versus price) and respond effectively to price resistance if it surfaces.

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