Only 32% of sales managers are considered to be outstanding coaches by their salespeople

56% of salespeople say they are not being coached the right way.
57% of salespeople say they want more coaching from their sales managers.
60% of salespeople say they want better coaching from their sales managers.

Even though a sales manager’s primary job is to coach salespeople, most sales managers are unprepared to do it. The outcome is that sales managers fail to capture the full value of their sales team. Coaching for Sales Success helps sales managers become better coaches.

Topics Covered in This Training

Introduction to the Value-Added Sales Culture—what it means to have a sales force focused on selling a company’s total value
How to get the M.O.S.T. from salespeople—a strategic planning model that ensures a coherent response to your marketing challenges
Recruiting and selection—you want more than a warm body in a hot territory—this means creating sales positions that support your strategic objectives and finding salespeople that fit this role
Setting sales objectives—constructing sales goals that support the company’s objectives while inspiring salespeople to reach beyond their grasp
Training and developing your salespeople—designing sales training that prepares salespeople to achieve their sales objectives
Compensating for equity—ensuring that you’re getting as good as you’re giving and giving as good as you’re getting
Motivating your salespeople—tapping into the internal spark that compels salespeople to achieve
Coaching—you cannot coach from the locker room—you must be on the field with your sales team to provide direction and feedback

Your Value Proposition

When you study Coaching for Sales Success and practice its leadership principles, you will build a value-added sales culture that will help you get the most value from your salespeople.

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