By Paul Reilly

I asked this question in a recent seminar. Here were some of the responses:

  • They prefer the status quo;
  • They are happy with their current supplier; and
  • They only buy on price.

They are all right and… wrong. The fundamental reason customers resist change is that they see no compelling reason to change.

For a customer to change, they need to be convinced that your solution is better. There are three things you need to do to convince the customer that your solution is the ideal solution.

Start by asking yourself a question. Is this the ideal customer for your solution? You need to make sure your company and the customer have the right strategic fit. If you are unsure, spend some time defining your ideal customer.

Next, you need to understand the customer’s needs and the customer needs to understand their own needs. This can only happen when you ask the right questions. When you ask the right questions, the customer becomes more aware of their needs. You also must understand the customer’s pains. The intensity of the customer’s pain determines their motivation to change. This part of the sales process is the needs analysis stage.

Lastly, you need to present the customer with a compelling reason to change. If you are in front of the right customer and they are painfully aware of their needs; present a solution to help alleviate their pain and satisfy their needs. Successful salespeople bridge the gap between their customer’s current solution and their ideal solution by satisfying their need and alleviating their pain.

In Sales and Service 101, participants will learn how to pursue the right business, conduct a needs analysis, and present a compelling reason to change.

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