by Tom Reilly

Our mission in Value-Added Selling is simple: We sell products by solving problems, satisfying needs, and serving people. On the surface, this may seem obvious. That is why we dig deeper.

Notice that selling products is a function of three things: helping other people solve their problems; providing a solution that satisfies their needs; and serving others. All three of these things point to a simple and profound truth. This is not just about making a sale; it is about making a difference in someone else’s life. This is why we are in the making-a-difference business, not the making-a-deal business. Solving, satisfying, and serving – three powerful words. They signify an other-directed approach. Anytime salespeople change their optic and view things from the customer’s perspective, it is a good thing for the customer and the salesperson.

To embrace fully this attitude you must be willing to set aside your personal agenda in an effort to serve others. How many salespeople are willing to subordinate their personal interests for the greater good of serving? I don’t know. I do know that the really good ones do this.

In our view, selling a product happens as a function of the other three things happening. We don’t sell if it fails to solve a problem, satisfy a need, or serve another’s interests. Selling as a function of solving, satisfying, and serving is about the most value-added thing you can do for a customer. Subordinating yourself to a cause greater than self is about the most value-added thing you can do for you.

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