by Tom Reilly

Sometimes, simplicity is best. These are a few of the attitudes we teach in Value-Added Selling.

  1. I treat sales calls as job interviews because I am really asking customers to hire me as their personal liaison.
  2. If I treat sales as a profession, others will treat me as a professional.
  3. We are in the value-creating business, not just the value-added business.
  4. How much harder would I work if I were self-employed and had no safety net?
  5. It may be the first time the customer hears and sees my presentation, but it should not be the first time I hear and see it.
  6. I must be more curious about our potential than concerned about the competition.
  7. Putting the customer first does not mean putting us last.
  8. If the only thing that differentiates our offering is our price, we have more than a pricing problem.
  9. Sell what is so uniquely yours that others compete with you, but you do not compete with them.
  10. It is important to know the customer’s needs; it is imperative to understand their needs.

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