“You can’t always get what you want …” The Rolling Stones, 1969

But, you generally get what you expect. The power of expectations has been demonstrated and reported on in studies of athletes, employees, and students. People rise or fall to the level of expectations that are set for them. What about the expectations you set for you?

Why would anyone burden themselves with low expectations? If expectations influence performance and consequent achievement, it makes sense to expect the best from yourself. Expecting little of yourself is discounting your value. Maybe you have never been encouraged to dream beyond your current reality. Maybe you do not feel you deserve more than what you have achieved so far. Maybe you have bought into someone else’s opinion about your potential. Maybe the thoughts of success scare you. Maybe you feel achievement requires too much effort. Maybe the thoughts of blasting out of your comfort zone makes you uncomfortable. None of this matters.

Going forward, what matters is the story you tell yourself about yourself. Are you the type of person that puts your best work on display for the world to witness? Are you the type of person that leaves everything on the field of competition? Are you the type of person that, win or lose, you know you gave it your all? If so, you may not always get what you want, but you will get what you expect.

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