“Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.” Confucius

The power of this paradoxical virtue comes from its lowliness. Humility is truth. It is to know and accept ourselves as we are—nothing more, nothing less—and to realize that the Source of our blessings is a Power greater than we. We can all use more humility in our lives. This quiz will help you determine if you need more of this foundational virtue in your life.

Is The Humility Paradox for you?

Do you …

  1. Judge others by their appearances?
  2. Take pleasure when others suffer a misfortune?
  3. Get irritated by slow people?
  4. Compare yourself to others to feel better about yourself?
  5. Expect special treatment when you go places?
  6. Dominate conversations?
  7. Find it difficult to understand others’ points of view?
  8. Ask, “Why me” during tough times?
  9. Sometimes, resent serving others?
  10. View events through the lens of how they affect you?

How many “yes” responses did you score? “Yes” scores signal the need for more humility in our lives.

This article is adapted from Tom Reilly’s new book, The Humility Paradox (Motivation Press, 2015). It is available at www.tomreillytraining.com or at AMAZON.

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