In-depth Training Programs

Tom conducts public seminars at his training center in St. Louis several times a year and is available to conduct in-house training that is designed specifically for your company or organization, at your location or at his training center. All of Tom’s training sessions are designed to address different aspects of Value-Added Selling as a go-to-market strategy.



When salespeople embrace the VAS philosophy and execute it strategically and tactically, they will compete aggressively and profitably on their total value, not just price. Visit this page to learn more about the sales training options available as a public seminar or in-house training for salespeople.


When salespeople employ the ideas from this program, they will achieve a pre-emptive competitive advantage, guide the sales conversation down a path of value versus price, and respond effectively to price objections if they surface. Visit this page to learn more about this seminar. This is offered only as an in-house training option; there is no public seminar for this.

COACHING FOR SALES SUCCESS: Creating the Value-Added Sales Culture

When sales managers hire the right people, set challenging sales objectives, compensate their teams equitably, motivate and coach their sales force, the will create a sales culture that competes on your company’s total value. Visit this page to learn more about this one-day coaching skills program. It is available as a public seminar or as an in-house program for your company.

SALES AND SERVICE 101: Getting Back to the Basics of Business

When sales and service professionals need to get back to the basics of business, they need Sales and Service 101.  Sales and Service 101 is based on a simple message, sell customers what they need and give them the service they want. Visit this page to learn more about this simple, executable approach to business. It is available as an in-house program for your entire sales and service team.


Specialists in Value-Added Sales Training